Mailing Label PDF Generator

Easily turn a spreadsheet of names and addresses into a PDF that you can print on sticky labels (8.5 x 11 inches, 10 to a column, 3 columns). For labels that are 1 inch by 2.625 inches (Office Depot's item #612-221 or Avery 8160).

Avery 5160 sized from Worldlabel

30 labels per page. 1" x 2.625".


Directions: The data you paste into this box needs to be tab-delimited, in the following format...
FName LName Address City State Zip

Your data may overflow the bounds of this box, and may look odd - but it will still work.

If your spreadsheet application uses " for the data, that's fine... they will be stripped out.


I wrote this for my own personal use - so it only does the things I need it to do. No international addresses, only 1 label style. If I find people are using this, I'll add some enhancements.

This now supports 4-line addresses in the form: FName LName Address Address2 City State Zip. This is problematic if you have both 3-line and 4-line styles in your spreadsheet, as it bumps all the other fields down a notch.

Yes, it builds the list bottom to top.