Conservation of IQ

The Setup

It has occurred to us that the number of idiots in the world has been rising at an unbelievable rate in recent years.
Couple that observation with this statistic: The life expectancy in many countries has risen from 54 to 63 from 1986 to 1996. In other words, people have stopped dying (or nearly so).

The Theory

Conservation of IQ
There is a finite amount of intelligence available to the sum of all people - and we have reached "World IQ Saturation".
With each new birth, some people get a little stupider. [sic]

Until recently we had only "proof by anecdote" - that is, examples of incredibly stupid people (you wonder how some of these people figured out velcro). But you can't base a study on a few morons ("a few" is not a statistically valid sample).

The Test

Recently, (it's news as of 23-5-96) the National Science Foundation made a test of basic scientific concepts and gave it to a large number of Americans.

The results were amazing.
25% of the people surveyed got 7 or more correct. (That means 75% failed - not good)

Here's a sample of the breakdown.
How long does it take the Earth to go around the sun?
 A One Day     (18%)
 B One Month   (35%)
 C One Year    (47%)
53% of the people surveyed got this one wrong.
OK, thats 14% higher than you would get by guessing.
If you're really optimistic, you could count that 14% as a success. (I wouldn't)
Humans lived at the same time as the dinosaurs.
 A True        (52%)
 B False       (48%)
52% of the people surveyed got this wrong.
Now that's 2% worse than guessing.
Thats just not good no matter how you look at it.

The Conclusion

If you're one of the people who is amazed that it takes the Earth an entire year to go around the sun or that a T-Rex never consumed a human - KILL YOURSELF NOW, or there will be no more IQ points for future generations!
Thank you for your cooperation.