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Calm opening with giant hit around 1:50 that calms down some and ends on grating tones.

Dark, Eerie, Intense, Unnerving

One of Them

Genre: Horror Collection: Dark World
Time: 3:32 unknown tempo
Instruments: Strings, Synths, Choir, Brass

A very dark piece heavily featuring cymbal and bells. Frequent Cymbal usage creates unnerving feeling. 3:08 prolonged trombone. Lasts almost 30 seconds. This piece is great for an eerie atmosphere.

Dark, Eerie, Mysterious, Unnerving


Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Soundscapes
Time: 4:38 unknown tempo
Instruments: Cymbal, Bass, Trombone, Bells

Solo piano, which is not in tune (traditionally speaking). 4/4 time with some asymmetries.

Dark, Mysterious, Mystical, Unnerving

Classic Horror 1

Genre: Horror Collection: Dark World
Time: 1:31 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano

A fairly intense beginning with a small piano part I pulled from a thing I wrote last week (Trio for Piano Violin and Viola), followed by a very long section of not moving much.

Dark, Eerie, Mystical, Somber

Long Note Four

Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Soundscapes
Time: 10:00 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano, Choir, Violins, Basses, Percussion, Synths

5/8 time gives this piano solo a really unsettling feel. It uses more of the range of the piano, and can be chopped up to suit scenes well.

Dark, Mysterious, Unnerving

Classic Horror 2

Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Themes
Time: 1:15 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano

Simple motive countered by several striking dissonances.

Dark, Eerie, Somber, Unnerving

Dark Walk

Genre: Horror Collection: Darkness and Unease
Time: 1:26 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano, Organ, Strings, Synths

Alternate tuning is very apparent here, Deep voicing lends a very ominous quality. Sounds more like the mind of someone who is breaking.

Dark, Intense, Mysterious, Unnerving

Classic Horror 3

Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Themes
Time: 2:05 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano

Piano with a tape delay and lots of dark colour in the background.

Dark, Eerie, Mysterious, Unnerving

Unnatural Situation

Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Themes
Time: 2:38 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano, Synths

Same theme as "Chase Pulse" but with added percussion and a quicker pace.

Dark, Driving, Mysterious

Chase Pulse Faster

Genre: Horror Collection: Dark World
Time: 1:37 165 BPM (Presto - Fast)
Instruments: Synths

Could be breathing, could be the wind, it is very dark, and kind of disturbing.

Dark, Eerie, Mysterious, Unnerving

Deep Noise

Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Soundscapes
Time: 0:02 unknown tempo
Instruments: Synths

Synth Pad with several swells.

Dark, Eerie, Unnerving

Blue Sizzle

Genre: Horror Collection: Dark World
Time: 2:26 unknown tempo
Instruments: Synths


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